Henna Flowers Tattoo On Girl feet
Henna Flowers Tattoo On Girl feet
Amazing Henna Tattoo On Feet
Amazing Henna Tattoo On Feet
Attractive Henna Tattoo On Feet
Attractive Henna Tattoo On Feet
Black Flower Tattoo On Left Foot
Black Flower Tattoo On Left Foot
Black Henna Butterfly Tattoo On Girl Right Foot
Black Henna Butterfly Tattoo On Girl Right Foot
Black Henna Flower Tattoo On Girl Left Foot
Black Henna Flower Tattoo On Girl Left Foot
Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Feet
Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Feet
Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Foot
Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Foot
Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Girl Left Foot
Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Girl Left Foot
Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Left Foot
Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Left Foot
Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Right Foot
Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Right Foot
Black Henna Peacock Tattoo On Foot By Marcy
Black Henna Peacock Tattoo On Foot By Marcy
Classic Henna Flowers Tattoo On Girl Right Foot
Classic Henna Flowers Tattoo On Girl Right Foot
Classic Henna Flowers Tattoo On Right Foot
Classic Henna Flowers Tattoo On Right Foot
Classic Henna Tattoo On Left Foot By Kelly Caroline
Classic Henna Tattoo On Left Foot By Kelly Caroline
Cool Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Left Foot
Cool Black Henna Flowers Tattoo On Left Foot
Henna Flower And Feather Tattoo On Feet
Henna Flower And Feather Tattoo On Feet
Henna Flowers Tattoo On Feet
Henna Flowers Tattoo On Feet
Henna Flowers Tattoo On Right Foot
Henna Flowers Tattoo On Right Foot
Henna Peacock With Flowers Tattoo On Feet
Henna Peacock With Flowers Tattoo On Feet
Henna Stars Tattoo On Right Foot
Henna Stars Tattoo On Right Foot
Henna Tattoo On Girl Right Foot
Henna Tattoo On Girl Right Foot
Henna Yin Yang In Flowers Tattoo On Girl Foot
Henna Yin Yang In Flowers Tattoo On Girl Foot
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Top 10 Types Of Latest Mehndi Designs For Hands & Feets

The Latest Mehndi Designs is as the women of all ages discover that it’s interesting to decorate their hands with beautiful Mehandi Designs, a hugely significant thing that’s a genuine relationship with all the history. Regarding several original designs implemented on the hands. With mehndi, the attachment of women is raised after some time because there are infinitely complex and simple designs feet & arms. It’s the most accomplished, exciting and fascinating thing for females in each event.

Mehdi is one of the trends that are adopted. The mehndi tattoos are significant for women and girls to paint their neck, back and even arms on different events. The mehndi is a vital part of marriages.

As a way to heighten the beauty of mehndi designs, the girls use rhinestones and glitters. A number of the designs are simple, but the Latest Mehndi Designs are attractive and sophisticated. In the past, the mehndi was applied in Asia, but it’s popular in the foreign countries, from the UK and also the USA.

Latest Mehndi Designs

Latest Mehndi Designs

Latest Mehndi Designs

African Mehndi Designs

African Mehndi Designs are attractive Mehndi designs. Should you look for similarities, you’ll find that African Mehndi designs are close to Indian Mehndi designs when it comes to patterns and designs. African Mehndi designs are famous for their complicated and intricate designs carved with cones that were sharp.

African Mehndi designs cover foot, hands or arms like a mesh.

North African mehndi designs are beautiful mehndi designs. Mehndi is a part of the culture in North Africa. African people want to apply mehndi on their hands and feet for parties and wedding. African mehndi designs are consist of Line, Circles Geographical Shapes, and Patterns.

Arabic Mehndi Designs

There are many types of mehndi styles obtainable like Arabic mehndi designs, mehndi design that is Pakistani and Indian mehndi design. However, they may be similar to the Indian Mehndi styles. A number of the Arabic Mehndi designs are severe styles as a chain. Have mehndi styles that are particular hands feet, their legs. Each third ladies desire to use Arabic mehndi designs that were lovely on her hands, feet throughout marriage ceremonies, and Mehndi is used in beautiful and graceful knotty styles.

Arabic Mehndi Designs are the original well- and this type of style that is mehndi utilized in the intense design and dark colors. These styles prevalent in Arab countries like Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Pakistan, Asian country, UAE and different countries also.

Bridal Mehndi Designs

Bridal Mehndi it’s religious time for a girl and a wedding ritual in Asian countries. She is never going to lose this precious opportunity of feet and styling palms by bridal mehndi designs that are beautiful, and Bridal Mehndi is one of the important factors of the marriage and for all ladies who are attending the ceremony. Bridal Mehndi offers a pleasing appearance to the bride. Bridal Mehndi is the ritual tradition in countries like India, Pakistan.

Here we’re to represent a fantastic and stunning Bridal Mehndi Designs for brides. These Bridal mehndi designs include styles like grooms name on hand. There are various types of Bridal mehndi designs for feet and palms. A memorable day some mehndi designs are created for girls to make her marriage. All mehndi styles are lovely and beautiful. Bridal Mehndi designs are very complicated the bride needs to hire skilled facilitate for the applying of these styles that are mehndi.

Floral Mehndi Designs

Floral prints are a thing of inspiration for humans. Combined, they both give a magical appearance to women; they give a beautiful and complete look to them. Each one of these specks makes henna distinctive and stylish design of mehndi. One can take help from our collection of new designs and can go for it.

Floral patterns added with shimmers and glitters are perfect for girls on special events and a bridal. Moreover, they could be carried. Many saloons made by professionals with excellent skills and have the service of it with newest designs and can have a pattern of her choice with perfection, and one has to pay for it. See Here Latest Shaded Mehndi Designs 2017.

Glitter Mehndi Designs

Glitter Mehandi Designs For Feet and Hands are famous the world over. It’s the process of applying color tattoos that are temporary with glitter to create an enchanting design on hands.

In case you want more attention, it looks gorgeous than other Mehendi design. The majority of the Glitter Mehendi designs are the same pattern that is used for henna tattoos or any traditional Mehendi. The bright colors of the glitter make it different from others. These sparkles provide adequate adornments in your skin hand or alternative part of the body.

Besides using glitter by itself, you use the black Mehandi and can use glitter in combination with traditional Mehendi. A sparkle when you add glitter to traditional mehndi is taken on by any particular occasion. Plus Glitter Mehandi makes for occasions other than traditional ones, for perfect hand adornments along with western outfits too.

Indian Mehndi Designs

The Indian mehndi designs are based on flower, involved peacocks, a pitcher, or the sketches of their gods. These designs are extraordinary for the unique curls and curves without any white space between them.

The simple mehndi designs are good to decorate your hands on casual occasions, but on special occasions, you can fill your both hands and feet with exclusive designs. These designs are famous among brides because they are used to write the name of their husband in the mehndi to let their husband search it. This is an old traditional followed in India.

Pakistani Mehndi Designs

An exceptional area of mehndi in Pakistani culture is at the wedding ceremonies. Many new and distinguishing henna designs are released in Pakistan for the year 2017. The newest styles are even improved and better giving you the desired look on any fantastic occasion.

In this selection of New Pakistani Mehndi Designs 2017, we’ve got an extensive assortment of ideas for you! Among the most recent styles of henna being released in 2017 is the classic henna fashion. In this sort of style, a thin layer of henna is used for creating a variety of patterns.

Another kind of Pakistani henna layouts 2017 being released in the country contains delicate and exquisite designs (such as Diamonte) that are made quite carefully with a very minimal quantity of henna used. These fashions are the best to be utilized in everyday events and other parties for women. Making such designs isn’t a simple task since they’re quite delicate designs to employ. Flowers and other unique patterns have been created with it which looks fabulous and fantastic in the hands of women. Take a glance at the most recent Pakistani mehndi images 2017.

Moroccan Mehndi Designs

Henna or mehndi is used by girls on hands on all significant happy events like festivals, weddings and cultural events in India. This temporary body tattoo artwork is also famous in middle eastern Gulf nations where designs are comparatively more simply known as Arabic mehndi design or possess geometric patterns called Moroccan henna designs.

Moroccan Mehndi Designs certainly are a more contemporary spin on the conventional mehndi art which appears unique and fashionable. If you would like to try something different in your hands This year, it’s possible to opt for jaali detailing or contemporary motifs or pick the beautiful and minimum Moroccan layouts.

Mughlai Mehndi Designs

Mughlai mehndi designs are one the earliest kinds of mehndi designs on earth dating back many thousands of years, and this artwork is still going strong and is practiced at a significant level even today. Lots of men and women think Mughlai mehndi layouts are the very best sort of mehndi artwork and don’t reflect on any other mehndi, and rightly so Mughlai mehndi designs have formed a remarkable legacy throughout the ages and also this legacy has transcended onto the musicians of now.

When you think about the Mughals and the Mughal Era, you would probably picture everything fancy, opulent and magical! All things Mughlai are expected to be on the top exclusive and one of type forms, be it clothing, jewelry, jewelry, decor as well as the mehndi designs. They add a touch of royalty and charm that’s unmatched and second to none. So, for those who have a huge celebration coming up, or if you only need to acquire mehndi done, try one of those great Mughlai mehndi designs.

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

Every culture has an own fashion of function they just celebrate so when it has to do with Rajasthani artwork they’re always number top and one in the list of ethnic programs. Rajasthani women are extremely much fond of wearing mehndi in their feet and hands which completely provide their filled with feet and hands incredible appearances.

In Rajasthani cultural programs that each woman wears dazzling mehndi layouts and you cannot see their hands vacant even, they’re constantly full with amazing mehndi designs also. Rajasthani mehndi designs are excellent, and they certainly demonstrate the Rajasthani cultures alongside their significant royalty and gracefulness of the personalities.

Mehndi designs are important keys of our Indian civilization since old era, and today it’s been altered and came back with hottest and sexiest way of mehndi styles with various names. Likewise, Rajasthani mehndi designs show great fashions of their unique culture, and it displays grand tradition of Rajasthan.

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15+ Easy And Simple Latest Mehendi Designs For Beginners

Easy And Simple Latest Mehendi Designs are virtually un-reproducible since they are made by hand individually each time. This Pakistani Mehendi design is straightforward yet beautiful, and this design is fantastic for people who are learning how to apply mehndi and on the lookout for some fresh and fashionable Mehendi designs by themselves. This sort of latest Pakistani mehndi designs is quite popular with young girls. Try out this as it’s one of the very best among all the most recent models. A mehndi design might even be used during celebrations since they give a beautiful appearance. There are an enormous group of new and distinctive designs of mehndi which you can apply on your hands, arms, foot, and legs.

In Hindus, it’s a regular custom to provide prayers to deities. Mehandi designs now are well merged into the area of fashion. Eid Mehandi designs are incredibly fashionable in all around the world.

Easy And Simple Latest Mehendi Designs Easy And Simple Latest Mehendi Designs

Such designs also have been nicknamed a designer mehndi! Many of the Arabic designs include leaves, vines, and beautiful flowers to list a few. You can opt for some classic Arabic or Indian designs. There are simple along with intricate designs out there. African mehndi designs are extremely rarely employed for Mehndi application. You’ll discover plenty of Latest and Cute Mehndi Designs for Bridal in addition to their pals. The straightforward mehndi designs for the hand are very recognized in the world particularly in the east.

Latest Mehendi Designs For Beginning

The ingredient used to make mehndi powder is known as Henna. Color combinations for dresses are a bit easier to produce. Also sticking to primary colors, instead of using a large selection of color can get the printing cost to lessen.

In regards to an Indian wedding, decor should be a proper blend of tradition and contemporary style. Indian weddings are the ideal example that could reflect the religious and cultural areas of an individual community. Wedding in Brahmins consists of various practices as a piece of celebration. The variety of clothing, like a set for the bride to help me to pick the best choice when choosing the first 3 secrets of Mehndi. There are some types of cotton dresses. Pants should be conservatively colored. Cotton also plays an important part in the style world.

Easy And Simple Latest Mehendi Designs

Nowadays there are some Mehndi designs to pick from for the Mehndi lovers. Mehndi is also utilized as a coloring agent; it’s likewise popularly employed for coloring hair without any side effects at all. Mehndi commonly called henna’ is prepared from the leaves of the plant called henna it’s also referred to as cypress flower. Mehndi was commonly known as Henna” is made from the leaves of a plant called henna it’s also known as cypress flower. There are not any instant techniques that can help to eliminate the Henna quickly though.

You may always test out a new one if you get bored with an existent tattoo. Although tattoos have now come to be a style statement for many wearers, the idea of tattooing still stays the same. If you are uncertain of how well you are going to be in a position to carry it, put on a temporary tattoo for six months.

15+ Easy And Simple Latest Mehendi Designs

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Nowadays in areas like Pakistan and India, the brides are given designs that are frequently as elaborate as those for brides. Making Bridal Mehndi Designs get hands and palm is much like implementing a temporary tattoo design, but it is an essential thing in weddings, above all in Pakistan and India weddings. The below mentioned Bridal Mehandi Designs is an example to get that. The below image is on the list of bridal mehndi designs that shows the symbol of love. The high one is evident design appropriate and ideal for a bride. In the below mehndi designs, you’ll find bold flower design which is quite easy to apply.

The one mentioned below comes under bridal mehndi patterns for full hands. As a god to get all and once the picture added to design the way that it looks than fantastic! The beauty of the mehndi design is based on its design on the palm. The design is covered with Peacock Design inside the center and also at last. In the middle of the design, we get good Mango Design as well as a beautiful large flower around it covering the palm. The below Bridal Design can be peacock design that’s breathtaking. The below design is straightforward, great as well as the add-on for marriages as well as engagement.

Rajasthani Bridal Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani Bridal Mehndi Designs

The superior, amazing design is appropriate for a bride. The layout of conception is flowers as well as leaves that are bright and also easy to place. The below design is the modern bridal design. In this Bridal Peacock Mehndi Designs comes on the palm as well as the design continuous with several lines and after that lovely flowers. The entire hand is covered with gorgeous peacocks and Simple Designs for Fingers. The beautiful high design is completely covered with lovely flowers until the end of conception as well as the fingertips were completely covered with mehndi. The design is determining bride and groom very obviously showing their images on the palm. The picture below shows great meaning to get a Bridal Mehndi Designs.

50+ Bridal Mehndi Designs

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Mehendi Designs 2017

Fashion is all about being fresh and happy. To look beautiful and stylish it is a passion and right for all girl. Among all the stuff that make you look elegant and beautiful. Mehndi Designs 2017 & Mehendi Designs 2017 excels the lead. No matter it is a party, wedding or gathering, girls love to draw Stylish Mehndi Designs. To apply mehndi on hands and feet is an art. Hence, luxury and care are required. No one can doubt the value of mehndi on traditional ceremonies and weddings. Mehndi design is imperative as the mehndi is.

Women’s want to apply the Latest Mehendi Designs on her hands and feet. Among various designs of Mehndi, Arabic, Bridal, Eid and wedding are the fabulous awaiting ones.

In history, Mehendi is one of the most popular decorations of a woman which is also called as ‘’Henna’’. It is recognized as a symbol of freshness and happiness. It is the following part of fashion and technique throughout the world. Girls put their struggles to make amazing, and stunning Mehendi Designs 2017 on their hand and feet. The more elegant the mehendi design would be, the attractive the girl would be. Women always keep their eyes on Fashionable and Latest Mehendi Designs 2017. Mehendi designs 2017 is what everybody was waiting for.

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Stylish Latest Eid Mehendi Designs 2017 for Girls

Girls are always crazy for having Latest Eid Mehendi Designs 2017 for their hands to wear on. They are in search of new trends and styles to look charming and show off their beauty. When it comes to Henna Designs, girls have probably lesser and lesser ideas about mehendi designs and especially for special occasions like Eid. Curious ladies and girls who think that their EID will be incomplete without best Eid mehendi designs then they should stop worrying about. If you are also looking for Eid Mehendi Designs for girls then you are at the right place, you will find a lot of mehendi designs which you can wear in your hands for Eid. You will see really pretty and latest mehendi designs for girls in the year 2017 on out website.

The special occasions like Eid are very enjoyable and bring a lot of happiness. For some ladies and girls wearing pretty mehendi designs and beautiful clothes are the only happiness on such occasions. Yeah, every girl has her own chou=ices and rights to do what they want to do. Well talking about the mehendi designs, we have got a bunch of various beautiful easy and latest mehendi designs right here. For your convenience and ease, we have listed them from top to bottom with pictures separately.

Eid Mehendi Designs 2017

Our Mehendi Designs are liked worldwide as we have got a lot of eid mehendi designs. Our designs are not only famous in Pakistan but also in other Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and many other. Not only in Asian countries but our trendy designs are also followed in foreign countries and they are liked as well. White women love to have Pakistani henna designs on their hands as they are unique and charming and they way they are drawn, their patterns and in the vast variety.

Taking no more time talking about what we have got and what is liked by whom and blah blah, lets’ get you to the gallery collection which we have recently created for your ease. You will find here Latest Eid Mehendi Designs for Hands for the year 2017. I am pretty sure you will be impressed by our designs and everyone else will be impressed by you when they see these beautiful mehendi designs on your hands.

Leafy Eid Mehendi Design:

Leafy Eid Mehendi Design

Leafy henna designs are very handy and easy to wear and are charming as well when you wear them. You will not have to go through some special steps rather just pick up your favorite henna cone and start making this any leafy pattern. You will surely notice the beauty of this pattern and you can fearfully wear this beautiful henna design on your big day. Keeping in view the choices of gorgeous ladies this design has been selected to provide its wearers a great satisfaction and a unique feel of the henna design.

Peacock Eid Henna Pattern for Hands and Arms:

Peacock Eid Henna Pattern for Hands and Arms

Peacock designs look astonishing in rich reddish brown color which is also known as maroon color. You can try out various cone mehendi by various companies in order to check which one gives you the desired maroon color. Then start making the peacock design on your wrist or you can even apply it to your arm or hand as you like. There is no restriction and it is up to you how you dress your hands or arms on Eid Mehendi Designs 2017 to look beautiful. This terrific design will not bother you or waste your time but believe me you are going to be so rude when it will get messy. So you need to practice a lot before you actually apply it to your hands on EID.

EID Mehendi Designs for The Backside of Hands:

EID Mehendi Designs for The Backside of Hands

Up till now, you have been searching for the henna designs for hands and palms etc, but you also need to search for something new and different which could make your EID more excitement. Well for this purpose, you should go for Eid Mehendi Designs 2017 for backside of hands. Well if your color is fair you can apply it in rich red color and if you are not so fair or dull in color you can opt out for rich maroon color.

Chand Raat Henna Design for Hands:

Chand Raat Henna Design for Hands

Using traditional henna cones available at any henna departmental stores, you can draw this beautiful pattern, not specific for Chand Raat, but you can wear it anytime you like to. The Little amount of henna will give you a charming design and an amazing Chand Raat Mehendi Design.

Along with the above mentioned Eid Mehendi Designs, you can also wear some

Diagonal Eid Mehendi Designs for Hands:

Diagonal Eid Mehendi Designs for Hands

The concept of diagonal Eid Mehendi Designs 2017 is generated from the floral designs mixed up with the lines and dotted patterns. The mixing of two has resulted in the design as you can see ion the picture.

Petal EID Mehendi Design:

Petal EID Mehendi Design

Perhaps the best ever Eid-ul-Adha Mehendi Design for Hands. Try this one out and let us know how it looked like in your hands in the comment section below. You can modify it as well by filling the petals with glittery or shimmery gel as you like.

Round Tikki EID Mehendi Design for Hands:

Round Tikki EID Mehendi Design for Hands

Bored of current round Tikki designs?? You need to try this one to bring in variation. This one is perhaps the old one but it is still active in spreading its charm.

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Beautiful Simple Mehendi Designs for Hands

As things change, time change, preferences change, likes and dislikes change, trends change and hence everything passes under revolutions and suffers various changes. Same is the case for Simple Mehendi Designs for Hands.

Okay, we were in a discussion about the evolution of different things and we were about to discuss the revolution for Henna Designs for Hands. They have also suffered various changes and of course transformed in a lot of different captivating forms, designs, patterns and tattoos. In the modern world where everyone is trying to look charming by adopting the most complicated yet Beautiful Henna Designs for Hands, there are also some ladies who still like to wear simple henna designs.

No matter how much one likes to wear simple henna designs for hands the question arises which design to consider as the simple and easy mehndi design. It is a fact that any event remains incomplete until it is filled with a great Mehendi Design (this is probably for ladies only ;-)). Mehndi designs are not only limited to the hands but they are increasingly adopted for feet as well. Mehndi designs not only fill up hands and feet but they add a lot more power and eye-catching to the event and the girl with Mehendi on Hands.

Simple Mehendi Designs for Hands

Do you want to look gorgeous with mehndi on your hands? What? You too don’t like heavy patterns? No worries!!! Here are some amazing simple henna designs for hands that you can apply on your hands without any fear and they are very simple and easy.

Without bothering you anymore, let’s have a look at these Amazing Simple Mehendi Designs for Hands.

Rounded Arabic Pattern:

Rounded Arabic Mehendi Pattern for Hands

When it comes to Arabic Mehendi Designs it is generally thought that they are thick and lacking in credibility. No, it’s not true all the time. Here I am presenting the most captivating Arabic henna design for hands as it can be applied on both sides of the hands or either as you like.

Simple Mehendi Design with Glitter:

Simple Mehendi Design with Glitter

This design is all in all in its formation as it includes the unique use of glitters. You can add any color of the glitter as you like and you can also add the patterns according to your creativity like you can add circles, dots, lines, or even boxes. It is up to you how creative you are and how you make your hands look even better.

Flower and Leafs Patterned Mehendi Design:

Flower and Leafs Patterned Mehendi Design

You might have heard the old proverb that “OLD IS GOLD”. This is a rule of thumb or perhaps it can be attributed as the happening of all the time and in the case of every matter. In the case of Henna Mehendi Designs for Hands, the old trends are being adopted with great happiness. The flower and leaf patterned mehndi design is old yet pretty and accepted. The old trends are molding in new ones in reality. The picture describes a beautiful flower and Leaf Patterned Mehendi Design for Hands which is not only simple but easy to be applied on hands.

Arabic Floral Henna Design for Hands:

Arabic Floral Henna Design for Hands

In the picture shown, the Floral Design is looking so astonishing that ones will never want to miss it out to be put on hands for an event. The beauty of the design is in its neatness and the way it is put on the hands. As mentioned above, you can also change this Henna Design according to your desire and your creativity but first of all, you need to follow it for the correctness. You can also fill the gaps with glitters as you like.

Classical Indian Henna Design for Hands:

Classical Indian Henna Design for Hands

Simple Henna Designs are particularly considered as the short and incomplete henna designs but this is not true at all. In fact, the simple henna designs are complete but as they are simple it means that they are easy to be made. The Classical Indian Henna Design for Hands is one of such designs. This design is specified to cover whole hands with an amazingly charming look. The various patters in the henna design make it an eye candy for the onlookers.

Simple Circular Motif Henna Design for Hands:

Simple Circular Motif Henna Design for Hands

Circular motifs are one of the best henna designs no matter which circular motif mehndi design has been chosen. The beauty of it always remains. The one shown in the picture is one of the Best Mehendi Design for Hands as I personally want to put it in my hands. Ever you wonder why circular motifs are of so much fame. It’s because they are easy to make, never lose its beauty, liked by everyone and can be easily redrawn if faded. Have a look on the simple circular motif henna design for hands in the picture and must try it at least once.

Stones in Henna Design:

Stones in Henna Design

Henna designs with various patterns have been seen and used over long times. Ever you tried stones in your henna design? This is probably for the brides and some curious ladies as well who always want to look astonishing. Stones doesn’t mean that you start using any rocks or common white beads etc. these are Special Stones for Henna Designs which you can buy from any store and they stick on your hands in your henna design with the help of pre-set glue. They are easily removed when the function is over and can be placed again and again until the henna design is faded away.

Peacock Henna Design for Hands:

Peacock Henna Design for Hands

In the line of henna designs, I forgot to mention the most Beautiful Henna Design for Hands and that is the Peacock henna design. It is unusual to have birds in your henna design but it looks quite unique when your henna design is made in a way that it looks like a peacock. The amazingly drawn patterns of its tail or other lines, it adds a lot more beauty to the henna design. Have a look on the Peacock Mehendi Designs for Hands.

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Latest Mehendi Designs for Girls in the Year 2017

Latest Mehendi Designs are always in evolution and are worn by Ladies and the girls in a great deal in various events. Simple mehendi designs are quite popular as they are unique in their formation and easy to be made on hands. It’s not like that best mehendi designs are difficult to wear but it takes a great time to make them perfect and apply without any flaws. Of course, the traditional Punjabi mehendi designs are fascinating and charming as they add up to the look. The Indian mehendi designs are amazing, intricate and thin in the formation. As compared to the Arabic designs, that are bold and looks like just a formality of applying henna on the hands. Punjabi mehendi designs are not only unique, popular, and flawless but they also comprise a whole story.

The favorite part of women in getting ready for any event is the best mehndi design applied on their hands. Punjabi women love to wear the best mehndi designs on their hands to look gorgeous. Not only hands they also wear it on their feet as well. Women just find an occasion so to wear mehndi. The happiness, of any lady, of attending an event or a festival doubles up when she is looking gorgeous as she expected.

The collection of mehndi designs come in various categories. They are categorized as bridal mehndi designs, party mehndi designs, sangeet mehndi designs, engagement mehndi designs, karva chaut mehndi designs and lot more.

There are a lot of best mehendi designs for the ladies which they can wear on their hands and feet. Here is the best collection of the best mehendi designs for hands.

  • Peacock Design:

Colourful Peacock Mehndi Design

Perhaps the most adapted and most common design of all the best mehndi designs for women in 2017. The peacock mehndi design is mostly opted out for the wedding as brides love to wear this design. Not in this year or the past decade but from the age of 90’s this design is in adoption. As time changes everything and evolution take place, this design also suffered evolution and resulted in the present form of the design.

  • Paisley Mehendi Design:

Paisley Mehendi Design on HandThe henna art is one of the unique arts in the world. Beautifully woven paisleys altogether make the design amazing in look and obviously results in the gorgeous look of the bride. This design is really eye catching. The alluring henna design can be applied for any kind of event as it is not fixed, you can choose as you like.

  • Circular Motif:

Circular Motif Mehendi Design on Both HandsCircular motifs are the best ever mehendi designs in the lists. These are simple, easy, remembering and charming. The nice circles of the designs are really appealing and generate an impression on the onlookers. As mentioned that these designs are remembering, one can easily keep them in mind to make them again even if they are faded away.

  • Floral Design:

Floral Mehndi Design for HandsHenna designs are not limited to Indian culture only. You can also find a great deal variety of henna designs in the Pakistani culture as well which will surely please you all the time and you will never want these designs to fade away. The most amazing are Pakistani floral design which when applied gives the feel and touch of flowers in hands. The rich red color of the mehndi design make the Floral Mehendi Design all in all in its glory.

  • Lines and Patterns:

Lines and Patterns Mehendi DesignBesides all other mehndi designs discussed above, this design of mehndi is not specific and it can be simply referred to as the combination of lines, patterns, flowers, and the circles or peacocks. You actually don’t need any sort of birds or flowers like patterns in this design of henna. As you can see in the picture that lines combined with various patterns make the henna design unique and look kinda pretty and it is perhaps the best design for the purpose of covering one’s hands and feet with mehndi.

  • Chequered Pattern:

Chequered Mehendi PatternVery intelligent mehndi design in its formation as a chequered pattern and the gaps in between look amazing in the contrast. This amazing henna design for hands is used vastly to give a unique look and a break to the complicated designs. As simplicity always looks beautiful so the design can be adopted without any kind of hesitation.

  • Bride and Groom Design:

Bride and Groom Mehndi DesignThe bride and groom design is a typical Indian traditional henna design which elaborates the whole story of the wedding from the groom to bride and depicts their love for each other. Usually, Punjabi women love to have this design in their hands to show their love regarding their grooms. It is their concept that the bride and groom in henna design are a sign of eternity, love,  soulmates and life partners forever.

  • Creepers and Leaves:

Creepers and Leaves Mehndi DesignFor an attractive Henna Design, the creeper and the leaves patterns are a great fit. Beautifully described creepers and stitched with leaves make the design all in all in its glory and enhances the charm. The subtle arrangement of leaves and creepers is the plus point of the mehndi design.

  • Colored Henna Design for Girls:

Colored Henna Design for GirlsApart from the simple, complicated, fragile, motifs and curvy patterns of the henna, colored designs are also in these days. In the year 2017, they are all going to be change and new trends are coming to be as attractive as they could be. The colored henna designs are new as they are currently in adoption by the ladies. These designs are not traditional but they look amazing when matched in contrast with the dress of the bride. Modern brides are experimenting the art of colored henna designs and I am pretty sure that these designs are going to rock all over the year and in the future.

  • Border Design:

Border Mehendi Design For FeetsWhere there are mehndi designs spread on the whole hands and feet there are some Border Mehendi Designs as well. On the outer border of hands and feet, the mehndi design looks just amazing and neat. If made flawlessly they just add up a lot more beauty in the look. The border design is not specific to hands or feet but they suit best on feets.

March 19, 2017 2 comments
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