Stylish Latest Eid Mehendi Designs 2018 for Girls

Stylish Latest Eid Mehendi Designs 2018 for Girls

Girls are always crazy for having Latest Eid Mehendi Designs 2018 for their hands to wear on. They are in search of new trends and styles to look charming and show off their beauty. When it comes to Henna Designs, girls have probably lesser and lesser ideas about mehendi designs and especially for special occasions like Eid. Curious ladies and girls who think that their EID will be incomplete without best Eid mehendi designs then they should stop worrying about. If you are also looking for Eid Mehendi Designs for girls then you are at the right place, you will find a lot of mehendi designs which you can wear in your hands for Eid. You will see really pretty and latest mehendi designs for girls in the year 2018 on out website.

The special occasions like Eid are very enjoyable and bring a lot of happiness. For some ladies and girls wearing pretty mehendi designs and beautiful clothes are the only happiness on such occasions. Yeah, every girl has her own chou=ices and rights to do what they want to do. Well talking about the mehendi designs, we have got a bunch of various beautiful easy and latest mehendi designs right here. For your convenience and ease, we have listed them from top to bottom with pictures separately.

Eid Mehendi Designs 2018

Our Mehendi Designs are liked worldwide as we have got a lot of eid mehendi designs. Our designs are not only famous in Pakistan but also in other Asian countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and many other. Not only in Asian countries but our trendy designs are also followed in foreign countries and they are liked as well. White women love to have Pakistani henna designs on their hands as they are unique and charming and they way they are drawn, their patterns and in the vast variety.

Taking no more time talking about what we have got and what is liked by whom and blah blah, lets’ get you to the gallery collection which we have recently created for your ease. You will find here Latest Eid Mehendi Designs for Hands for the year 2018. I am pretty sure you will be impressed by our designs and everyone else will be impressed by you when they see these beautiful mehendi designs on your hands.

Leafy Eid Mehendi Design:

Leafy Eid Mehendi Design

Leafy henna designs are very handy and easy to wear and are charming as well when you wear them. You will not have to go through some special steps rather just pick up your favorite henna cone and start making this any leafy pattern. You will surely notice the beauty of this pattern and you can fearfully wear this beautiful henna design on your big day. Keeping in view the choices of gorgeous ladies this design has been selected to provide its wearers a great satisfaction and a unique feel of the henna design.

Peacock Eid Henna Pattern for Hands and Arms:

Peacock Eid Henna Pattern for Hands and Arms

Peacock designs look astonishing in rich reddish brown color which is also known as maroon color. You can try out various cone mehendi by various companies in order to check which one gives you the desired maroon color. Then start making the peacock design on your wrist or you can even apply it to your arm or hand as you like. There is no restriction and it is up to you how you dress your hands or arms on Eid Mehendi Designs 2018 to look beautiful. This terrific design will not bother you or waste your time but believe me you are going to be so rude when it will get messy. So you need to practice a lot before you actually apply it to your hands on EID.

EID Mehendi Designs for The Backside of Hands:

EID Mehendi Designs for The Backside of Hands

Up till now, you have been searching for the henna designs for hands and palms etc, but you also need to search for something new and different which could make your EID more excitement. Well for this purpose, you should go for Eid Mehendi Designs 2018 for backside of hands. Well if your color is fair you can apply it in rich red color and if you are not so fair or dull in color you can opt out for rich maroon color.

Chand Raat Henna Design for Hands:

Chand Raat Henna Design for Hands

Using traditional henna cones available at any henna departmental stores, you can draw this beautiful pattern, not specific for Chand Raat, but you can wear it anytime you like to. The Little amount of henna will give you a charming design and an amazing Chand Raat Mehendi Design.

Along with the above mentioned Eid Mehendi Designs, you can also wear some

Diagonal Eid Mehendi Designs for Hands:

Diagonal Eid Mehendi Designs for Hands

The concept of diagonal Eid Mehendi Designs 2018 is generated from the floral designs mixed up with the lines and dotted patterns. The mixing of two has resulted in the design as you can see ion the picture.

Petal EID Mehendi Design:

Petal EID Mehendi Design

Perhaps the best ever Eid-ul-Adha Mehendi Design for Hands. Try this one out and let us know how it looked like in your hands in the comment section below. You can modify it as well by filling the petals with glittery or shimmery gel as you like.

Round Tikki EID Mehendi Design for Hands:

Round Tikki EID Mehendi Design for Hands

Bored of current round Tikki designs?? You need to try this one to bring in variation. This one is perhaps the old one but it is still active in spreading its charm.

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