Latest Mehendi Designs for Girls in the Year 2018

Latest Mehendi Designs for Girls in the Year 2017

Latest Mehendi Designs are always in evolution and are worn by Ladies and the girls in a great deal in various events. Simple mehendi designs are quite popular as they are unique in their formation and easy to be made on hands. It’s not like that best mehendi designs are difficult to wear but it takes a great time to make them perfect and apply without any flaws. Of course, the traditional Punjabi mehendi designs are fascinating and charming as they add up to the look. The Indian mehendi designs are amazing, intricate and thin in the formation. As compared to the Arabic designs, that are bold and looks like just a formality of applying henna on the hands. Punjabi mehendi designs are not only unique, popular, and flawless but they also comprise a whole story.

The favorite part of women in getting ready for any event is the best mehndi design applied on their hands. Punjabi women love to wear the best mehndi designs on their hands to look gorgeous. Not only hands they also wear it on their feet as well. Women just find an occasion so to wear mehndi. The happiness, of any lady, of attending an event or a festival doubles up when she is looking gorgeous as she expected.

The collection of mehndi designs come in various categories. They are categorized as bridal mehndi designs, party mehndi designs, sangeet mehndi designs, engagement mehndi designs, karva chaut mehndi designs and lot more.

There are a lot of best mehendi designs for the ladies which they can wear on their hands and feet. Here is the best collection of the best mehendi designs for hands.

  • Peacock Design:

Peacock Mehndi Design

Peacock Mehndi Design


Perhaps the most adapted and most common design of all the best mehndi designs for women in 2018. The peacock mehndi design is mostly opted out for the wedding as brides love to wear this design. Not in this year or the past decade but from the age of 90’s this design is in adoption. As time changes everything and evolution take place, this design also suffered evolution and resulted in the present form of the design.

  • Paisley Mehendi Design:

The henna art is one of the unique arts in the world. Beautifully woven paisleys altogether make the design amazing in look and obviously results in the gorgeous look of the bride. This design is really eye catching. The alluring henna design can be applied for any kind of event as it is not fixed, you can choose as you like.

  • Circular Motif:

Circular motifs are the best ever mehendi designs in the lists. These are simple, easy, remembering and charming. The nice circles of the designs are really appealing and generate an impression on the onlookers. As mentioned that these designs are remembering, one can easily keep them in mind to make them again even if they are faded away.

  • Floral Design:

Henna designs are not limited to Indian culture only. You can also find a great deal variety of henna designs in the Pakistani culture as well which will surely please you all the time and you will never want these designs to fade away. The most amazing are Pakistani floral design which when applied gives the feel and touch of flowers in hands. The rich red color of the mehndi design make the Floral Mehendi Design all in all in its glory.

  • Lines and Patterns:

Besides all other mehndi designs discussed above, this design of mehndi is not specific and it can be simply referred to as the combination of lines, patterns, flowers, and the circles or peacocks. You actually don’t need any sort of birds or flowers like patterns in this design of henna. As you can see in the picture that lines combined with various patterns make the henna design unique and look kinda pretty and it is perhaps the best design for the purpose of covering one’s hands and feet with mehndi.

  • Chequered Pattern:

Very intelligent mehndi design in its formation as a chequered pattern and the gaps in between look amazing in the contrast. This amazing henna design for hands is used vastly to give a unique look and a break to the complicated designs. As simplicity always looks beautiful so the design can be adopted without any kind of hesitation.

  • Bride and Groom Design:

The bride and groom design is a typical Indian traditional henna design which elaborates the whole story of the wedding from the groom to bride and depicts their love for each other. Usually, Punjabi women love to have this design in their hands to show their love regarding their grooms. It is their concept that the bride and groom in henna design are a sign of eternity, love,  soulmates and life partners forever.

  • Creepers and Leaves:

For an attractive Henna Design, the creeper and the leaves patterns are a great fit. Beautifully described creepers and stitched with leaves make the design all in all in its glory and enhances the charm. The subtle arrangement of leaves and creepers is the plus point of the mehndi design.

  • Colored Henna Design for Girls:

Apart from the simple, complicated, fragile, motifs and curvy patterns of the henna, colored designs are also in these days. In the year 2018, they are all going to be change and new trends are coming to be as attractive as they could be. The colored henna designs are new as they are currently in adoption by the ladies. These designs are not traditional but they look amazing when matched in contrast with the dress of the bride. Modern brides are experimenting the art of colored henna designs and I am pretty sure that these designs are going to rock all over the year and in the future.

  • Border Design:

Where there are mehndi designs spread on the whole hands and feet there are some Border Mehendi Designs as well. On the outer border of hands and feet, the mehndi design looks just amazing and neat. If made flawlessly they just add up a lot more beauty in the look. The border design is not specific to hands or feet but they suit best on feets.

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